Ile-a-Vache Enterprises

Ile-a-Vache Enterprises (IAVE) is a startup incubator that promotes local
innovation and encourages the development of locally-run businesses.  Hope
for Haiti established IAVE to provide grants and interest-free loans to local
entrepreneurs to promote economic development and job creation.  In addition,
IAVE provides business training and consulting services to grant and loan
recipients to ensure long-term success.

  • Business education and training programs
  • Marketing and networking assistance
  • Access to technology
  • Accounting and financial management assistance
  • Access to credit/grants
  • Management consultant services

Micro-Finance- Empowering rural women.

In 2012 HFH started a women’s lending program.  We provided an interest-free
loan to a locally run women’s micro-finance group.  The group selected 50
merchants who each received an initial $100 loan for six-months.  At the end of
each six-month period the women repay the loan and are then eligible to take
another loan .  After three full loan cycles all of the recipients have repaid the
full loan balances and were able to generate as much as $500 in benefits from
the short-term loan.  The program’s success is due to extensive business
training and burden-free loans.  A typical micro-finance program in Haiti
charges between $15 and $20 for a six-month $100 loan.  Many women
struggle to pay back the loans from other programs.  Access to affordable
credit empowers women by providing job opportunities and the means to
support themselves and their families.  That is why HFH chose  to provide the
group with an interest-free loan.  

Support a child's education.

Many children cannot afford the costs of education in Haiti because the
average family makes less than $1 a day.  The government does not provide
adequate funding for public schools and most families cannot afford the costs
of private education.  Hope for Haiti assists families who do not have the means
to educate their children. We believe the best way to help fight poverty is to
help the poor help themselves through educational opportunities.  For as little
as $50 you can support a child's education for one year.  For more information,
please see our
current projects.
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Hope for Haiti
Hope for Haiti
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Hurricane Matthew

On October 4th a category 4 hurricane battered the
island of Ile-a-Vache, Haiti with 145 mph winds and
nearly 40 inches of rain.  Our Grand Sable school was
damaged during the storm.
Hurricane Matthew

A category 4 hurricane battered the island of Ile-a-Vache with 145 mph winds and 40
inches of rain.  The Grand Sable school was damaged during the storm.  The school
was flooded by the extreme rain levels.  The flood waters destroyed some of the
school furniture and most of the supplies.  The roof and several doors were damaged
by the winds as well.  Please help to repair and restock the school by donating today.
We need to raise $10,000 for this effort.  We will not be able to reopen the school
until the conditions are safe enough for the children to return.  There are over 200
children who are depending on us to quickly repair the school so that they can return
to school.