Hope for Haiti is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on sustainable grassroots projects that provide long-term
results to Haiti’s current problems.  We work directly with the communities we serve in order to make them active and
accountable for their own progress.


Hope for Haiti was formed in October of 2005 by Brian House, a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in Haiti in
2003 and 2004.  While in Haiti, Brian worked in the communities of Chambellan and Ile-a-Vache coordinating
education, health, agriculture and development projects.  In February 2004 amidst political revolution all Peace Corps
volunteers and staff along with most other aid organizations evacuated Haiti.  During this time Brian chose to remain
in Haiti to provide assistance when Haiti needed it the most.  Throughout this period of instability and uncertainty
Brian worked with the few remaining aid workers to coordinate and deliver medical supplies and assist those who were
displaced by the violence.  

Brian House created Hope for Haiti to continue his vision of helping Haitians achieve a brighter future.  
While working with the Peace Corps Brian developed an understanding of the culture, language and issues of Haiti.  
His personal experience working in Haiti have allowed him to develop a vast trustworthy network of volunteers to
assist in Hope for Haiti's projects.


Hope for Haiti believes that the best way to provide assistance is through education and sustainable projects.  
Education is the necessary foundation to help an individual become self-sufficient.  All of our development projects
are designed with the ultimate goal of sustainability without further outside assistance.

While serving in the Peace Corps Brian House noticed how many organizations focus on the immediate problems and
do not address the long-term effects of their work.  This creates communities that are fully dependent on outside aid.  
Hope for Haiti focuses on projects that strengthen the communities so that they can be self-sufficient.

Grassroots Projects

Hope for Haiti focuses on education and long-term sustainable projects.  We provide the foundation necessary to
build self-sufficient communities.  In place of short-term projects that give out food and supplies that only focus on
today, we provide the necessary training and skill development to help the communities provide for themselves.

Our Approach

Educating the youth.  A majority of the country’s population are school aged children plagued with a 50% illiteracy
rate.  Hope for Haiti provides these children the opportunity to attend school where they will build the foundation of

Agriculture Training.  Haiti has an agriculture based economy that does not produce enough food to feed it's
population.  Hope for Haiti provides assistance through education and projects aimed at helping farmers and
fishermen increase their productivity and standards while respecting their environment.

Small Business Development.  Hope for Haiti provides small businesses with training and short term loans that create
long term economic growth and job opportunities.

Health.  Hope for Haiti incorporates health education into many of our projects.  We deal with issues such as water
treatment, hygiene, colds, malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

-Commitment to excellence.

-Empathy for those we serve.

-Sustainable programs.

-Educating Haitians to be the teachers.

-Empowering individuals and communities.

-Honesty, integrity and accountability.

-Commitment to our mission.
About Us
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Hope for Haiti